Join the Fight to Protect the Rights and Safety of Florida’s Citizens

The Florida Justice Association is an over 3000 member strong organization dedicated to strengthening and upholding Florida's civil justice system and protecting the rights of Florida's citizens and consumers.

We passionately believe that all Floridians benefit when deserving individuals have a fair chance to seek justice in our state's courts and that Florida's consumers are made safer when large corporations and industries are held to a high ethical standard and accept fair responsibility for their actions.

FJA works in the legislative, political and media arenas to ensure that Floridians know and understand the importance of their rights to justice and to make certain that these rights, which are at the very core of what it means to be American, are safeguarded and protected.

Citizen Members

There is no greater force than citizens standing together and advocating for change. FJA’s Citizen membership program was created to empower Floridians to fend off attacks against our rights to civil justice.

FJA Citizen Members Can:

Make their voices heard among the clamor of corporate lobbyists and well-heeled special interests, Fight to ensure the interests of Florida’s consumers and patients always come first, and Advocate for even more consumer and patient rights and protections.

We are committed to strengthening the civil justice system so that deserving individuals can get justice and wrongdoers are held accountable. We oppose efforts to weaken basic legal protections and further stack the deck against the average person. All Floridians benefit when the individuals attorneys represent have a fair chance to get justice through our civil justice system.

A citizen’s right to justice is one of the most important rights we hold.

Please join us in our struggle to stand up and fight for the rights and safety of Florida’s citizens and the integrity of Florida’s civil justice system.