Greetings from a hectic Tallahassee, where we have two weeks left in session. 

In addition to this week's video update, I wanted to bring to your attention an article from the Orlando Sentinel this weekend outlining the Florida Chamber of Commerce's political goals for the 2012 session, where they lay out their goal is to "sweep the last vestiges of union and trial-lawyer influence out of the state Capitol."

The reality is even though we are still plowing through the last hours of session, fighting the doctors and insurance companies on medical malpractice, taking on State Farm on auto insurance, and scrapping with the prescription drug industry over the Daubert standard of evidence, our opponents are actively raising money for the 2012 fight.  As our Executive Director Debra Henley often reminds us, our opponents never sleep. Neither can we.

So as we begin to put behind us one phase of our work and get ready to embark on another, know that just like our opponents, we can never rest.   

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail soon.

Find out how you can be a part of our cause by calling Lynn McCartney in the FJA Legislative Department at (850) 521-1030.


Gary Farmer
FJA President-Elect

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