Become A Champion for Justice

As we enter a new year and a new direction of leadership on the state and national levels, it is impossible not to reflect on how much has changed over the last decade.  The Florida Justice Association has endured countless legislative and political battles, victories and losses, and a new identity. 

Through all the currents of change, there remains an unwavering consistency that guides and protects our civil justice system.  A culture of commitment by our members in our mission of justice has been the source of our strength and resilience through these countless challenges and has contributed to our success. 

The contributions made to EAGLE have provided the critical tools necessary to survive in this climate of change.  We owe our consistent level of success to our selfless contributors, as their commitment to our mission of justice remains an integral part of our success as an organization.  

EAGLE Members
Attorneys and member firms are the core of EAGLE. Their decision to become members of the EAGLE team is rooted in their knowledge of the law, their deep respect for our civil justice system, and their continued fight for justice. These men and women take the critical but necessary step from being a member of the FJA to being a leader and an advocate in the public sector, setting an example and leaving their mark to protect access to the courts.

On the Frontline
EAGLEs understand and accept the responsibility they have to commit not only to their personal success as an attorney but also to the civil justice system as a whole. They know that being a plaintiff’s attorney requires that you serve as an advocate both inside the courtroom and inside the Florida Legislature. 

During legislative sessions and political cycles, EAGLEs work closely with the Florida Justice PAC (FJPAC), FJA's political action committee, learning about potential legislative threats and responding quickly and aggressively to legislation that may negatively affect the rights of Florida's citizens.

EAGLE - Moral Leadership
While EAGLE members receive significant benefits, perhaps the greatest reward EAGLE team members get is the knowledge that they are making an enduring difference in the lives of Florida's citizens. Through the strength of their convictions, EAGLE members encourage others to purposeful action and remind us all that the trials we encounter serve to introduce us to our strengths.

By becoming EAGLEs, these attorneys take the extra step and commit to leaving behind a legacy for the continued success of our organization and to the protection of the civil justice system for many years to come.

If you would like to become a Champion for Justice please contact Elisha Charpentier by email or call the FJA Headquarters at (850) 521-1040.