Robert Coles, a professor of social ethics, has said that we need heroes, people who inspire us, help shape us morally, and from time to time we are called on to be those heroes. Citizen EAGLEs are those heroes. Many of them have suffered indignities, but their experiences have spurred them to action – to help others so that they might avoid these indignities.

One of the most important rights we have as Americans is the right to be compensated for injuries or financial loss we’ve suffered because of the carelessness or negligence of a business or another person. It’s been part of society’s body of law going back long before our nation’s founding. These are rights that over the centuries have been broadened and strengthened. However, every year, large multinational corporations that owe allegiance to no country or people, and huge insurance companies that are concerned only with their bottom lines, have campaigned to diminish your legal rights. They call it “tort reform.” They don’t want to reform anything. They want to eliminate your rights.

Citizen EAGLEs defend the civil justice system against corporate greed and provide support for all through Floridians for Patient Protection. Citizen EAGLEs counter the lies and distortions that high-paid corporate and insurance company lobbyists give our legislators and spread to the media.

Citizen EAGLEs have a voice that can be heard by legislators when they considering legislation that will limit or eliminate your rights if you ever suffer another injury or loss.

Citizen EAGLEs preserve the rights of Floridians.

Become a Citizen EAGLE today and join the
Floridians for Patient Protection Campaign

Download the Citizen EAGLE pledge form above or call your attorney’s office and tell them you want to become a Citizen EAGLE to help in the battle against huge insurance companies and multinationals that want to deprive you of your rights.