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2015 FJA Annual Convention Award Winners
June 10-12

An especially fun part of the FJA Annual Convention is recognizing members for their hard work and dedication throughout the prior year.  This year’s convention was no exception.

At the Diversity Reception, the Diversity Committee presented Rod Gregory with the "Pursuit of Diversity Award".

During the Justice Luncheon, the Young Lawyers Section presented the "Mickey Smiley Award" to Tiffany Faddis. Debra Henley presented "The Excalibur Award" to Fred Levin for lifetime giving of $500,000 to EAGLE.

2014-2015 President Troy Rafferty, prior to giving his farewell remarks, showed appreciation to several members who made a significant impact during his year as president.  This included presenting the:

  • “Shoe Leather Award” presented to Jason Lamoureux, Mathew Posgay and Aaron Watson for “walking the halls of the Capitol” during session to help preserve Florida’s civil justice system; 
  • “Churchill Award” presented to the “Defenders of the Realm”, a.k.a. his Executive Committee (Todd Copeland, Jimmy Gustafson, Dale Swope, Trey Lytal, Paul Anderson, Laurie Briggs, Leslie Kroeger, and Chris Ligori) for their commitment, perseverance and fortitude; and 
  • The prestigious “President’s Award” presented to Fred Cunningham and Gary Farmer for their leadership, hard work and loyalty to the president.

Incoming President Todd Copeland had the honor of presenting Troy with the “Award to the President” to recognize his many years of dedicated service and inspired leadership.

Debra Henley had the pleasure of presenting the membership “Cornerstone Award” to Laurie Briggs, Tiffany Faddis, Brenda Fulmer and Steve Watrel for their efforts to broaden the base of our organization through their recruitment and retention of FJA members.  

Congratulations to all award recipients!

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