We strive to find appropriate ways to thank our EAGLE members and to find tangible benefits that make this sacrifice “worth it.” While we know that our EAGLE contributors participate out of a sense of responsibility, these benefits show our gratitude and appreciation for their commitment to Florida’s families. EAGLE members make a special sacrifice to support our efforts. In turn, we offer them a series of benefits as a way of showing our appreciation. These include:

Exclusive Access to Member Communications/Updates Including:

  • Capital News
  • Complimentary FJA Journal

Invitation to Author Articles for the Journal

Annual FJA Membership Dues are Included for all EAGLE Members

Annual Florida Justice PAC Dues are Included

Discounts on Selected CLE Seminar Registration Fees, including:

  • Legislative Seminars
  • Annual Convention
  • Fall Advanced Trial Skills Seminar

Exclusive Invitations for Regional Legislative Receptions and FJA Leadership Retreats

Invitations to Serve on Host Committees

CLE Speaker Positions and Program Chairs

Discounts for Advertising in FJA Journal

EAGLE Lapel Pin to Wear Proudly at FJA Events and while Lobbying in Tallahassee


  • On the FJA Website
  • In the FJA Journal 
  • At the FJA Annual Convention
  • At All Events, EAGLE Members Are Given a Special Nametag Allowing Them to Proudly Display Their Committment to Florida's Citizens.
  • EAGLE Lapel Pin to Wear Proudly at All FJA Events