Rick Scott Campaign Announces
Sweeping Tort Reform Proposals

Throughout his campaign, Gubernatorial candidate and former hospital chain CEO, Rick Scott, has made clear his plans to implement various proposals that he calls "tort reform." His "tort reform" proposals are the same wish list we have seen many times in Tallahassee from the insurance industry and other large corporate special interests located in and out of Florida.

Rick Scott's proposals include:

  • Allowing insurance companies to treat businesses and consumers unfairly and in bad faith. 
  • Providing sovereign immunity to physicians and hospitals that treat Medicaid patients. 
  • Reversing the Florida Supreme Court in D'Amario v. Ford, regarding Florida's crashworthiness doctrine. 
  • Changing Florida's Frye standard by requiring the complex Daubert standard for expert witness testimony. 
  • Immunizing first responders during disasters which could include private corporations, for example BP, who engage in wrongdoing during disaster recovery efforts.

Click here to go to Rick Scott's campaign website to review his complete campaign agenda for Florida.

Candidate Alex Sink has pledged to keep special interest in their place and work for the consumers and patients of this state, while her opponent this week has embraced the insurance industry and out of state corporate special interests.  Click here to contribute to Alex Sink.

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