The Florida Justice Association is proud to unveil a new program that better recognizes those attorneys who have devoted their lives to our organization and to protecting Florida’s civil justice system. The Fellows of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers have reached the pinnacle of their careers, the height of service to their profession, and the peak of their commitment to justice. Each of our Fellows is a living legacy of the Florida Justice Association. They began as regular attorneys, passionate about helping their clients and the citizens of our state, joined the FJA, engaged in our efforts and contributed to our cause, realized the importance and necessity of what we do, and made a lifelong pledge to our culture of commitment. They are what each of us strives to embody in our own lives and practice. FJA Fellows are at the absolute upper echelon of our profession and their degrees of success are what each of us hopes to one day achieve.

Due to their extraordinary service, dedication, and commitment to the FJA, the FJA has felt it necessary to recognize these select few individuals and give them the respect and admiration they deserve. The newly created Fellows program was established for this purpose.

It was created in the image of our Founders’ vision and passion for Florida’s civil justice system. Fellows continue in the tradition of excellence and commitment established by our Founders and reach the height in leaving their legacy to Florida’s civil justice system. Through their lifetime of hard work, exemplary leadership, and commitment to the FJA and the entire civil justice system, Fellows entrench their legacies to justice and represent the mission of our organization. They serve as ambassadors for the FJA and as role models and mentors for individuals who are interested in making a commitment to the practice of plaintiff’s personal injury law.

Fellows, Senior Fellows, and their Board of Governors are some of the absolute best trial attorneys this state has ever seen. They have led prolific and successful careers and their contributions to the civil justice system have been immeasurable. Fellows serve as leaders, mentors, and esteemed colleagues to each and every member of the FJA and inspire others to strive for similar levels of greatness.

Fellows epitomize the culture of commitment we have at the FJA and leave their legacies to Florida’s civil justice system for future generations to learn from. These individuals are the living legends of our profession and their guidance, example, and wisdom will continue to guide us in the years ahead. They have emerged as a steady representation of what each of us is capable of achieving. The Fellows understand the great force we can be and the incredible impact we can have if we join together and battle for the rights of all Floridians.