HBO Takes on Tort Reform

On Monday, June 27th, Home Box Office is airing a thought-provoking documentary on the dangers posed by tort reform and how it harms innocent victims.

This educational film, entitled Hot Coffee, focuses on the now famous case of Stella Liebeck who spilled hot coffee from McDonalds on her lap and was later
awarded $2.9 million for her damages. The film emphasizes the severity of Ms. Liebeck’s damages and discusses how her case was used by big business as propaganda to push their radical tort reform agenda. While Ms. Liebeck nearly died from her injuries, tort reformers exploited her circumstance to increase their own bottom lines by
limiting accountability on Corporate America.

The film focuses on other victims of corporate abuse and how tort reform has denied them their days in court. As an organization, the Florida Justice Association fights to ensure that all Americans are entitled to justice and maintain full access to the courts. This exceptional documentary highlights our cause.

Tune into HBO on Monday, June 27th at 9:00 PM to view this compelling documentary, and share with your friends.

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