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FJA seeks to ensure that our members have all the resources necessary to bring justice to those who need it. Our mission and goal is to provide our members with the absolute best CLE experiences, numerous networking opportunities, professional services, and useful tools that are required to help fight for the rights of their clients and position their practices for success.

We Battle in the Capitol so You Can Battle in the Courtroom!

Every year powerful corporate special interests spend millions of dollars lobbying in Tallahassee against you, your clients, and Florida’s Civil Justice System. Having just concluded Florida’s annual 60-day legislative session, the direct impact FJA’s efforts have on the success of your practice couldn’t be clearer. FJA’s legislative team worked tirelessly day and night on behalf of Florida’s civil justice system and fought to keep Floridians protected.

The Florida Justice Association is relentless in the pursuit of justice.

Despite seemingly insurmountable odds and thanks to the efforts of FJA’s lobby team, several major victories on behalf of Florida’s consumers were achieved during the 2010 Legislative Session. One of our greatest victories this session includes increasing Florida’s outdated sovereign immunity waiver to $200,000 per person and $300,000 per incident. This is a historic step that will increase the sovereign immunity waiver for the first time in 30 years.

Here are just some of the other measures FJA worked on during the 2010 Legislative Session:

Proactive Measures FJA Successfully Advanced  

  • Sovereign Immunity Waiver Increase
  • Child Safety Waivers - No Waiver for Negligence
  • Statute of Limitations Eliminated for Sexual Battery
  • Background Screening Requirements Strengthened

Anti-Consumer Measures FJA Killed or Mitigated

  • Medical Malpractice Emergency Care Sovereign Immunity
  • Property Insurance Consumers Rights and Remedies
  • PIP Exclusive Health Provider Policies
  • Crashworthiness Doctrine Restrictions
  • Hospital Infections Presumption of No Negligence
  • NICA Exclusive Jurisdiction in 1st DCA
  • Design Professionals Limits on Damages
  • Chinese Drywall Contractor Immunity  

Exclusive CLE & Networking Opportunities

FJA is committed to providing the highest level of continuing legal education to our members. Our programs cover a wide variety of topics including auto negligence, advanced trial skills, insurance law, collateral sources, medical malpractice law, case law updates and the effects of current legislation on your practice. In addition, the networking opportunities FJA provides throughout the year are unmatched and sure to be an invaluable asset to the growth of your practice!

Your Practice Will Benefit from FJA’s High Quality CLE All Year Long with Programs Like:

  • FJA Case Law Insider (a call-in seminar)
  • "Lessons from the Courtroom" - an hour-long CLE and networking reception located in your area and included in your membership!
  • Quarterly Professional Development conference calls through Atticus, also included with your membership.

Exclusive FJA Members-Only Networking Opportunities:

  • Member Appreciation Receptions
  • Invitations to local FJA dinners & Events
  • Numerous email discussion groups

Justice at Your Fingertips

The Florida Justice Association knows how critical staying at the forefront of your profession is to your practice and the importance of gaining a competitive edge in the fight for the rights of your clients. That’s why we are pleased to announce a completely new and revamped FJA website that will give you all the tools necessary to better your practice, deliver justice for your clients, and set you on a virtual pathway for success. No matter when you need it, FJA members will be able to access up-to-date information on current events, legislative issues, political updates, upcoming CLE seminars and a wealth of membership resources. This will be a virtual world in which the tools necessary to give your practice an advantage will be all in one place and at your fingertips.

Our new, cutting-edge website offers:   

  • Document exchange
  • Expert Witness Database
  • Searchable Database of Over 1.2 Million Depositions, Expert Background Reports, Pleadings, Forms, List Server Messages, and Litigation Documents from 76 Other Trial Attorney Associations
  • An Online Community To Network With Colleagues

In addition, the FJA Journal is the voice of authority on legal trends and case law updates for plaintiff attorneys featuring regular sections on Auto Litigation, Insurance, Medical Malpractice, Appellate, and Workers’ Compensation. FJA’s Case Watch email is also delivered right to your inbox providing you a summary of Journal headlines & late breaking cases!

Become an FJA Member TODAY - And join together with thousands of other plaintiff attorneys from across the state in the battle for justice! Now is a Great time to Start Your Membership with FJA!

Join us NOW and get ready to attend our exceptional CLE programs throughout the year!

Exclusive CLE Events Available Only to FJA Members this Fall Include:

  • Auto Negligence Seminar (September 16 & 17, 2010)
  • Masters of Justice, Featuring Medical Malpractice, Insurance and Premises Liability Seminars (October 28 & 29, 2010)
  • Jury Selection Seminar (November 9 & 10, 2010)

And Coming this Winter:

  • Collateral Sources Seminar
  • Workhorse Seminar (February 23-25, 2011)

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