All sponsorship donations can be made to the FJA Research & Education Foundation and are tax-deductible. You or your firm name will be recognized at the event, in the Mock Trial program, in the FJA Journal and on the FJA Website. 

Invite your fellow personal injury attorney colleagues (including non-FJA members) and encourage them to attend. Non-FJA members who volunteer are eligble to get 50% off of one year of FJA membership dues.

Register to Volunteer in 2016 NOW!

If you have any questions about the competition, please feel free to contact:

G.C. Murray, Jr., Esq., Mock Trial Director, (850) 521-1034

Vanessa Brice, Esq., Mock Trial Co-Chair, (407) 712-7300

Jonathan Gilbert, Esq., Mock Trial Co-Chair, (407) 712-7300