Go Green. Go Paperless.

At the FJA, we know justice is not limited to the courtroom.  Environmental responsibility is crucial for a sustainable future, and we can take proactive measures today to make tomorrow brighter. That’s why we’re introducing our new Pay-Monthly Plan as a sustainable alternative to your annual dues.

FJA's Pay-Monthly Plan is a 100% free, green and convenient way to pay your membership dues online. Break the total cost of your membership dues into 12 convenient payments!

If your FJA membership is in renewal, you can enroll today for paperless billing and receive these benefits:

Reduce Your Clutter:
Let's face it—you've got enough paperwork to deal with. Let us take another task off your to-do list. Your payments are automatic, so you don't have to worry about your FJA membership expiring even when you're on vacation, swamped with cases or out of town on business.

Help the Environment:
Make "going paperless" part of your contribution to a cleaner environment. Reduce your use of fossil fuels, paper and postage all while keeping the clutter off your desk!

Get Started:
Click here to sign into the FJA website to see if you're membership is in renewal. Then follow the online instructions, and we will take care of the rest. It's that simple. For more information, call the FJA Membership Department at 850.224.9403.



Interested in Other Ways You Can “Go Green?”

Living green shouldn’t end when you get to work, and there are many easy ways you, as well as the rest of your office, can reduce your carbon footprint.

Below are 10 Simple Ways to Create an Environmentally-Friendly Workspace:

1. Start a Recycling Program.  Spark up a recycling initiative in your office.  Get plastic, aluminum and glass bins for your break rooms, and make sure you have paper recycling bins near all of your printing areas.

2. Turn Off Your Computer When You Leave for the Day. Completely shut down your computer and turn off your monitor before you leave for the day. This is probably the easiest way to conserve energy!

3. Turn Off the Lights in Your Common Areas.  It’s a common fad (or faux pas) in office culture to keep the lights on constantly in these spaces, but it’s much more energy efficient to turn off the lights after everyone has left for the day. There’ no point in keeping the copy room well-lit for the 13 or 14 hours a night when no one is at the office.

4. Think Before You Print! After you sign up for FJA’s Pay-Monthly Plan, you can continue reducing your paper consumption by printing documents only when necessary.  When you can, read documents on your computer screen and share documents electronically with others in your office.  For an even greater environmental impact, switch to recycled office paper.

5. Bring in Your Own Coffee Mug.  Use your own coffee mug instead of reaching for a new Styrofoam or disposable cup each morning.  We wouldn’t dare get between an attorney and their coffee, but consider this: over its life span of about 3,000 uses, your humble coffee mug will yield 30 times less solid waste and 60 times less air pollution than disposable cup usage.

6. Use Video Conferencing.  When possible, use Skype to attend meetings virtually instead of consuming unnecessary fuel and energy for travel.

7. Donate Used Equipment. Instead of throwing away your old office equipment, look for programs in your area that will pick up or accept office equipment for refurbishment.  You never know—donating your old office furniture or electronics could provide much-needed equipment for people that can’t afford to buy it new.

8. Fix any Leaky Plumbing to reduce water waste, and make sure you turn your facets all the way off after using them.

9. Break Your Bottled Water Addiction.  Another major red flag for the environmentally-conscious is bottled water consumption.  Instead, you can install a filtration system in your office—maybe Brita filters on your most commonly used facets.

10. Give 1% to the Planet! You can give 1% of your profits towards building a greener tomorrow. Click here to get more information about this program, and spread the word to your clients!