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Written by
Mark Powers, Atticus President, and
Shawn McNalis, Atticus Senior Practice Advisor


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How Good Attorneys Become Great Rainmakers

Now you have a guide to help you achieve the marketing goals that put you in control of your practice and your life. How Good Attorneys Become Great Rainmakers provides you with an easy, practical action plan that helps you develop the marketing skills and habits needed to attract clients and referral sources. In this book, you’ll find 21 Marketing Assets and 5 Marketing Habits that attorneys acquire on their way to becoming successful rainmakers.
Learn how to:
  • Ask for referral sources in a professional and ethical manner
  • Use public relations to spread the word about your practice
  • Learn to speak powerfully about yourself
  • Set up engaging websites and blogs that successfully market you and your practice
  • Build a simple but effective monthly marketing plan and much more!


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Time Management for Attorneys

Compiled in this book are all the time-tested techniques Atticus has learned over the years and put into an easy-to-use guide just for attorneys. In it are real-life examples, exercises, and client case studies and a CD containing over 50 practice-specific forms. Here's a sample of a few of the strategies Atticus covers in the book:
  • Creating a Crisis-Free Zone in your office
  • Using the Client Intake System for proper client selection
  • Implementing Block and Tackle techniques for managing interruptions
  • Employing the Designated Hitter approach to handle client communications
  • Using The Power Hour every day for focused performance and increased efficiency
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