EAGLEs enter the FJA as young lawyers who choose to become attorneys because they want to help people receive the justice they deserve. They decide to represent The People over the interests of big corporations and pledge to protect society and serve the public good by joining in our culture of commitment.

Soaring EAGLEs fuel the Florida Justice Association and provide the tools and resources necessary to battle within the legislature, ensuring the continued success of your practices and the safety of Florida’s consumers.

EAGLE supports FJA in its mission to ensure that good legislation becomes good public policy, and that new laws meet the needs of Florida’s citizens. EAGLE supports the FJA’s political program, helping to select a pro-consumer jury within our legislature to defend against corporate special interests and the insurance industry.

EAGLEs are the foundation for our future and contribute to our culture of commitment by establishing their own mark on the civil justice system by leaving a legacy of greatness.

We strive to find appropriate ways to thank our EAGLE members and to find tangible benefits and recognition that make this sacrifice “worth it.” While we know that our EAGLE contributors participate out of a sense of responsibility, these benefits show our gratitude and appreciation for their commitment.


  • On the FJA Web Site
  • In the FJA Journal
  • At the FJA Annual Convention
  • At All Events, EAGLE Members Are Given a Special Nametag Allowing Them to Proudly Display Their Commitment to Florida’s Citizens
  • EAGLE Lapel Pin to Wear Proudly at All FJA Events


  • FJA Voting Membership (must qualify)
  • Exclusive Access to Member Communications/Updates
  • FJA Journal
  • Invitation to Author Articles for the Journal
  • Annual FJA Membership Dues are Included for all EAGLE Members
  • Annual Florida Justice PAC Dues are Included
  • Discounts on CLE Program Fees Including:
    Annual Review: Notable Cases and Statutes Influencing Your Practice Seminar, Annual Convention, Case Law Insider Subscription
  • Exclusive Invitations for Regional Legislative Receptions and FJA Leadership Retreats
  • Invitations to Serve on Event Host Committees
  • Invitations to Chair and Speak on CLE Programs
  • Discounts on Advertising in FJA Journal