February 18, 2013

Today the Florida Justice Association responded to the irresponsible policy reforms set forth by the Florida Chamber of Commerce.  The below statement can be attributed to Debra Henley, Executive Director, Florida Justice Association. 

“It is irresponsible and dishonest for the Florida Chamber of Commerce to claim Florida is one of the worst states in the nation for business based on a study they commissioned. It is counterproductive to a goal we all aspire to—making Florida a better place to live.

“The Florida Justice Association (FJA) is not anti-business. We are pro-Florida, which means protecting the people who live here by ensuring their voices are heard both in Tallahassee and in a courtroom. We believe that small business should be protected and given a chance to thrive rather than filling the pockets of the insurance industry. 

“Today, the president and CEO of the Florida Chamber did a huge disservice to its membership and to the people of Florida by unveiling legal reforms that only help their most wealthy members, the insurance industry. 

“FJA will not stand for innocent victims taking a backseat. We will fight for those who cannot be here to fight for themselves. Additionally, we will not stand for Florida being wrongly portrayed as an unhealthy place for business and industry. And, if that means taking on the Florida Chamber of Commerce during this legislative session, bring it on.”