FJA Member David Caldevilla is "Driven" to Achieve Justice

The May 2012 FJA Journal cover features the artwork of one of our own members, David M. Caldevilla.  A lifelong resident of Tampa, Florida, Dave is an AV-Rated, Board Certified Appellate Lawyer at de la Parte & Gilbert, P.A.

Dave is a certified car nut as well as an attorney. Some of his fondest childhood memories are of him playing with Hot Wheels, slot cars and Cox model racing cars. When he turned 15, had his heart set on getting an old Corvette, but “they were just too expensive.” After a couple of years of wearing down his dad, Dave finally convinced him in 1979 to buy a beat up 1969 Camaro instead. Dave and his father, brothers, and uncle went to work on it for endless weekends. By his high school graduation in 1980, the car was beautifully restored with a new red paint job. During his teenage years, Dave also picked up photography as a second hobby.  Instead of giving up his cars for his camera, Dave found that being a “gear head” and “photography geek” were compatible.  Understandably cars were his most favorite things to photograph.  It did not take him long to mesh the two passions into a lifelong hobby – enhanced by modern digital techniques – he calls “automotography”.  Now, through his imaginative camera angles and layers of digital editing effects, vintage cars take on their own flamboyant and distinct personalities.

Dave has combined his two hobbies into a single passion for over 30 year.  He still loves classic cars and photography as much as the day began and is  passing along his interests to his son, Jake, who like most teenage boys hopes to have his own hot rod soon.  As for that Corvette Caldevilla wanted when he was 15 but could not afford? One of the perks of being a successful attorney is that he has been able to make this dream come true. Caldevilla is now the proud owner of a sleek silver 1966 Corvette Stingray.  And yes, he will tell you, it was worth waiting 30 years to get it.

The "GR-RRR!" on his rendition of the 1969 Pontiac GTO on our cover is actually an intended pun directed at Florida's new PIP legislation. You can check out (and purchase) more of David’s art work on the Internet at